South Plaquemines Elementary Raises Money for Pennies for Patients

South Plaquemines Elementary Raises Money for Pennies for Patients

Pennies for Patients is an organization that helps to spread awareness about cancer and raise money to help find a cure. Each year, the students, faculty, and staff of South Plaquemines Elementary School take on an active role in ensuring that we raise money to sustain cancer research. This year Ms. Jackson and the Student Council members set an ambitious goal of raising $1,500 over the course of a two-week span. Donors has the flexibility to donate online or utilize the traditional method of sending pennies to school. South Plaquemines Elementary School students surpassed their goal by raising over $1,600. We are proud of our students and our community. Certainly, we appreciate the efforts of all, and we look forward to helping to raise additional funds next year. Of course we cannot just raise money without the students having fun. Students were able to purchase a strip of tape to tape their choice of three teachers to the wall. The volunteers were resident-teacher Ms. Hayley Kennair (second grade-, pictured on the left), Mrs. Kellie Dykes (PreK, pictured in the middle), and Ms. Jessica Pons (sixth grade, pictured on the end next to Dr. Barrett). You can see for yourselves that the picture is worth a thousand words, and the students had a blast.

New members appointed to Jury Commission
New members appointed to Jury Commission

New members appointed to Jury Commission

Honorable Kim Turlich-Vaughan, Clerk of Court is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to the Jury Commission. Doreen Landry Davis and Rev. Michael Jiles were selected to fill vacant positions on the Commission. The Jury Commission is tasked with ensuring that potential jurors are selected in a random, impartial manner, and that the jury database is properly administered and revised to reflect the composition of the community. In Plaquemines Parish, it consists of the Clerk of Court and four other members, each having the qualifications set forth in Article 401 of the code of criminal procedure and are appointed by written order of the district court, who shall serve at the court’s pleasure. The Jury Commission meets at least once every six months and when ordered by the court and may meet at any time to select or supplement the general venire. Meetings of the Jury Commission are open to the public. Our jury terms run from March thru August and September thru February.

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LAFF out loud

South Plaquemines Elementary third grader Keyia Davis was recognized at the March 2 Plaquemines School Board meeting at Belle Chasse Middle School for finishing second in the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals’ (LAFF) statewide poster contest. Ngoc Bang Tran from South Plaquemines High School was also recognized for finishing third in LAFF’s essay contest but was unable to attend the school board meeting. Both students received ribbons and cash prizes for their exceptional takes on the Plaquemines Parish Fair & Orange Festival. Keyia is pictured with SPE Principal Dr. Stacey-Ann Barrett, SPE art paraprofessional Rita Frelich, and Keyia’s grandmother Deadra Davis.



Throughout the month of October, we are celebrating our amazing shelter dogs for National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! There are many benefits to adopting a dog instead of purchasing one from a breeder.

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