Assistive Technology brings the world to Plaquemines students

by Jason Browne 

Thanks to the internet and smartphones, people can literally hold the sum total of human knowledge in the palm of their hand. And Plaquemines schools are taking steps to ensure that no student has to miss out on that experience due to a disability.

Rox’E Homstad of Believe Ability LLC is scheduled to begin working part-time in Plaquemines schools in May instructing Assistive Technology, the adaptive use of technology for people with disabilities. She’ll be the Plaquemines Parish School Board’s first instructor in that field, starting out with just two students.

“The students I’m teaching will be blind or low vision and will use what’s called a screen reader, a piece of software that takes what’s on screen and reads it aloud. Or, if you’re deaf-blind like I am, will turn it into brail and you’ll use a brail display to access the information,” said Homstad.


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