• Julie Anderson, a researcher with the LSU AgCenter, is developing an alternative bait for blue crabs that will be cheaper than the current bait, menhaden. The bait, made with shrimp waste and gelatin, will benefit Louisiana’s crab and shrimp industries.
    Tobie Blanchard

Blue crab bait could improve crab, shrimp industries

By Tobie Blanchard


A new gelatin-like bait using shrimp waste could improve the way blue crabs are caught along the coastof Louisiana and add value to the state’s shrimp processing industry. Julie Anderson, a crustacean specialist with the LSU AgCenter, is working on a crab bait that could replace Atlantic menhaden, the current bait used. The menhaden, also known as pogy, is shipped from the East Coast, Anderson said, but stocks are declining. The Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission put a limit on how much menhaden can be caught. Anderson said this is driving up the price of Atlantic menhaden.


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