• Opportunities on Third Down
    LSU’s Michael Divinity (OLB 45) sees the opportunity to pressure Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence (QB 16) early in the 2020 National Championship Game. The Tigers kept the pressure on and Lawrence failed to make a touchdown pass in a game for the first time
  • Opportunities on Third Down
  • Opportunities on Third Down
    The reigning NCAA Champion LSU Football team presented the President of the Untied States with an honorary jersey while visiting the White House. Dedicated Tiger fans thought the choice of the number 45 for the shirt was a nod toward Tiger player Michael

Opportunities on Third Down

Micheal Divinity knows something about rushing the passer. The pressure the LSU linebacker exerted on Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the 2020 CFP National Championship Game was the culmination of a season full of pressure on quarterbacks and on Divinity himself. As hard as Divinity was on opposing passers: 3 sacks for a total loss of 24 yards in only 6 regular games this season, he was equally hard on himself. An undisclosed problem caused Divinity to step back from football in the middle of LSU’s championship run. Divinity made it clear his struggle was compounded by being away from his team. Born and raised in Marrero, he had selected LSU from among many seeking to recruit him, because it was the school of his home state. Vowing to find his way back, his message to his teammates was, “I got this, I promise you.”

Head Coach Ed Oregon has made One Team, One Heartbeat the motto of the LSU Football program. Oregon, who hails from Lafourche Parish, was true to his word. The team stepped up, shouldered Divinity’s absence, and welcomed him back just before the National Championship game. Upon his return, Divinity said simply, “I’ve learned to make better decisions.” He then went on to reveal his strategy for defeating Clemson, “Watch for opportunities on third down,” a statement that could apply of Divinity’s approach on and off the field.

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